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Sustainable Fisheries


Period  Name  Responsible 


 First Periodic Activity Report JRC
 Second Periodic Activity Report JRC
All  Final Activity Report JRC
 First Periodic Management Report Avanti
 Second Periodic Management Report Avanti
All  Final Management Report Avanti


Number  Name  Responsible 
D 1.1.1Database design documentOLRAC
D 1.1.2Summary of contents and quality of dataJRC
D 1.2.1Report on the relationships developed for measuring effort, landings and discards for each of the fisheries in commonIRD
D 1.2.2Report on the common input requirements and output parameters of the modelsFRS
D 1.2.3Report describing the pilot systems and the testing they have undergoneFRI
D 1.3Report on information flow for reporting fisheries and likely impact of new technologiesAvanti
D 2.1A report outlining the design of the systems to be used for the trialsCorrelation
D 2.2Report describing the pilot systems and the testing undergoneIMARES
D 2.3Report on outcome of trialsSirius IT
D3.1A report outlining a new reporting system that allows real-time TAC evaluation and better estimates of effort and discardingNavigs
D3.2A report outlining the benefits of a new reporting system. The executive summary will be the project implementation planCEFAS
D4.0Project FlyerJRC