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Sustainable Fisheries


  • Provide more accurate and timelier information on catches, effort, landings, discards and quota uptake.
    • Effort
      • General success in predicting fishing behaviour using 15 minute GPS data
      • Ecosystem approach: temporal and spatial distribution of fisheries effort
      • Useful to cross-check “fishing behaviour” against ERS E-logbook information
      • “Effort while fishing” measure can lead to more precise effort management regimes
    • Catches and Discards
      • Success when using fishery specific approaches (ISL, GRL, English roundfish)
    • Landings and quota uptake
      • Cross-checking tool developed for Greenland: VMS / hail messages / landings
      • Catch & landings prediction from VMS for Icelandic Redfish
      • Generally, recommend use of ERS E-Logbook
  • Assess the benefits of this information for fisheries management
    • Simulation studies by CEFAS confirm value of near-real-time information
  • Presentation given at ICES, Profet Policy Workshop, Copenhagen 24/06/2008.


 Avanti Communications, LondonAvanti
 Fisheries Research Services, AberdeenFRS
 Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, NuukGINR
 Fisheries Research Institute, University of Iceland, ReykjavíkFRI
 L'institut de recherche pour le Développement, MontpelierIRD
 The Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, LowestoftCEFAS
 The Directorate of Fisheries, IcelandDIS
 Greenland Fisheries Licence Control authorityGFLK
 North East Atlantic Fisheries CommissionNEAFC
 Navigs SarlNavigs
 European Commission Joint Research CentreJRC
 Ocean and Land Resource Assessment ConsultantsOLRAC
 Sirius ITSirius IT
 Traceall, HillingtonTraceall
 Correlation Systems, Or YehudaCorrelation