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Sustainable Fisheries


The following maps and tables show indicators on fisheries employment and Gross Value Added (GVA) at the level of fishing ports and provinces for the entire EU. The calculation of these indicators is based on the number of fishing vessels from the EU fleet register and coefficients on number of persons employed per vessel and labour productivity from the EU Data Collection Framework. Fisheries employment and fisheries GVA are compared with general employment and general GVA estimated from EUROSTAT data to derive dependency ratios in respect of the areas surrounding each port and the totals in the provinces. More details on the methodology adopted in the study can be found here.

Assumptions and limitations

The figures on fisheries employment and GVA are not official statistics based on specific levels of activity in each port but estimates resulting from a disaggregation of national data. The main added value from this exercise is to provide an assessment of the relevance of the fishing sectors for local communities while ensuring coverage for the entire EU. More precise information on fisheries employment and GVA may be obtained from fisheries data available at national level and ad hoc surveys in specific regions.
An assumption in the study is that the port of registration for a vessel in the EU Fleet register can be considered as a centre of gravitation of its economic activity; this assumption has been proved to be robust for small to medium size vessels but may not hold for larger vessels and long distance fleets.