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Sustainable Fisheries


Swedish COBECOS pilot study

Project objectives

The Swedish COBECOS Pilot Study aims at developing a tool that will conduct cost-benefit analyses of control schemes for management strategies and infer the potential economic benefits to the fisheries which might accrue from proper enforcement of the management measures.
As a result of the Swedish COBECOS pilot, tools for fisheries enforcement in two specific Swedish fisheries will be produced. Once these results will be made public, the tools will be of use to all interested EU fisheries control agencies.



Following up lessons learnt from the EU funded research project COBECOS the proposal is a pilot implementation of the COBECOS theory and software in the specific context of two Swedish fisheries managed and enforced by the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management.
The COBECOS project resulted in the awareness that a number of pilot implementations of COBECOS are still needed before developing validated operational-grade tools that could be used by EU fisheries enforcement and control agencies for their daily work. In fact, each enforcement situation has its own particular features that must be accounted for in the application of the COBECOS enforcement theory and software, and pilots are necessary to help understand these particularities.