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Sustainable Fisheries

Fisheries and Aquaculture

Scientific and Technical Support by the Joint Research Centre

The Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) seeks to restore and maintain fish stocks at sustainable levels, put an end to wasteful fishing practices, develop sustainable aquaculture and create new opportunities for jobs and growth in EU coastal areas. To produce robust scientific advice underpinning the CFP, and related policies relevant to the marine realm, the JRC pursues an extensive array of research activities. You can find more information on the contribution of the JRC to the sustainable and profitable exploitation of natural renewable marine resources on the JRC Science Hub.


Scientific advice to fisheries policy: the Commission shall consult appropriate scientific bodies, where appropriate, on fisheries matters

Data collection together with data dissemination is useful not only to the topic of research but also to support the EU policy

The application of genetic principles and methods to fisheries biology and management

Here all the Fishreg's project are presented subdivided by topics.
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