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Sustainable Fisheries


Traceability of Fish Populations and Fish Products


FishPopTrace is an international project aiming at the construction of a Pan-European framework, built on advanced technologies, for product traceability and policy related monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) in the fisheries sector. Pursuing a holistic approach, FishPopTrace can contribute to fisheries management and conservation measures in line with the global attempt to move towards sustainable fisheries.

The FishPopTrace project final report was delivered in July 2011. The project produced a number of outputs including, but not limited to its list of publications, numerous media appearances, and data access facilities, including an interactive geographic map browser. Further details can be read about the project's objectives on the about page.

In April 2012 The United Kingdom government launched a project that aims to directly utilize the outputs of FishPopTrace to address fish traceability issues. This new project, entitled 'Genetic traceability tools for the origin assignment of commercial fish and fish products. (FA0118)' is described in the FishPopTrace Legacy section of this website.

FishPopTrace is funded by the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme
under grant agreement n° KBBE-212399
in the area of "Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Biotechnology".